About Me

“Life was meant for good friends and great adventures”


Adventure is whatever we define it to be. Adventure can be traveling to faraway places – or it can be our willingness to embrace new ideas and experiences with an open mind. For me, it means learning about the world around me and meeting new people. It also means exploration; the exploration of myself and of those I choose to spend my time with. I believe that meeting new people is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I love the renewed energy that it brings to my soul.

I am of the firm belief that creating memories with someone is extremely special. I want to squeeze every bit of emotion – joy, passion, ecstasy – out of every precious moment. Our time together will be one of shared experiences. Whether it’s sharing a silly joke, engaging in lively and intelligent banter about worldly matters, or running off on a spontaneous adventure together, our experiences together will be our very own, and ones that will be cherished.

The desire I have to explore people, and the world around me, has lead me to become a well-rounded woman with an open mind, and a constant yearning for inspiration. I do love a good spontaneous adventures where I can be whisked away somewhere breathtaking.

Some of my favorite adventures include activities outside, either participating in wildlife conservation projects, scuba diving in the Maldives… or frolicking nude on the beach under a tropical full moon. On the other hand, adventure also can be fulfilling each other’s fantasies without ever leaving a room. I’ll leave the details for us to discuss though!

I am your sweet adventure waiting to happen. At first glance, you will be mesmerized by an alluring young woman in her early 20s with unique looks and intoxicating sweetness. I’ve often been described as a stunning cross between Penelope Cruz and Bollywood actresses, Katrina Kaif and Ilena D’Cruz (google them!).

My diverse cultural background has blessed me with beautiful physical attributes– long and thick brunette locks, enticing dark features, doe-eyes, and supple olive skin. I stand 5’4”, with a perfect hourglass figure. Be sure to check out my candid selfies on my Twitter!

All this talk of new experiences and adventure may bear an air of indulgence, but what is life without some self-indulgence? Admittedly, I am a connoisseur of fine aesthetics. I enjoy pampering, fancy dining (please note my vegan diet), shopping, and spa days. However, it is equally important for me to indulge and be giving to others. Indulgence and escapism are experienced best when shared. Indulge me, and I will indulge you back!

Let’s take advantage of the present time and make it our own. I am based in LA, but am pasport ready, and love to travel! Adventure awaits, let’s go find it together!

Yours Truly,

xx Dahlia

Dahlia in motion

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  • Date ideas

    Wine tasting, picnics, couples massages, spa treatments, watching a show or play, bubble baths, going to a symphony/ concert, enjoying a cocktail on a rooftop, having afternoon tea, painting, cooking classes, shopping, dance classes, a walk on the beach, traveling, a date including one of my lovely girlfriends.

  • Favorite restaurants in LA

    Shojin, Spago, Crossroads, Emilia, Il Fornaio, Avra

  • Perfect date

    Enjoying an exquisite meal together, followed by a steamy bubble bath!

  • Favorite flower

    Sunflowers, wild flowers, iceland poppies

  • Drink of choice

    Sparkling water, white or red wine, champagne, G and T

  • Interests

    Going to the Opera/ Theater, Skiing, yoga, reading, cooking, traveling, volunteering for wildlife conservation projects, hiking, sunbathing, and eating!

  • Favorite scents

    Clean scents, lemongrass, jasmine, coconut, roses, old books, burning wood, the ocean

  • Favorite colors

    Deep red and blush pink.

  • Favorite books

    Psychological thrillers, humor, fiction, biographies, inspirational

  • Favorite deserts

    Any vegan pastry

  • Favorite music

    Classical, Indie rock, electronic dance music, world music, pop, deep house, new age, anything currently trending

Height 5’4″
Ethnicity South Asian/ West European
Measurements 32-24-38
Hair Brunette / Curly
Dress size 2
Shoe size 7
Body Type slim